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"The New Generation" 1988 International TV series

"The New Generation" 1988 International TV series

"The New Generation" International TV show featured the exact same cast as the Australian TV series of "Young Talent Time" (aka "YTT") but divided them into two groups according to their ages.

The older teens (ages 14-17) consisted of:

The New Generation
  1. Vince
  2. Beven
  3. Lorena
  4. Dannii
  5. Natalie
  6. Keith

And the younger kids (ages 10-13) consisted of:

The Young Generation
  1. Johnnie
  2. Juanita
  3. Jamie
  4. Joey
  5. Rikki
  6. Courtney

Trivia - Some of the differences between the original Australian TV series ("Young Talent Time") and the International series ("The New Generation"):
  • ~The International series aired 30 minutes weekly focusing on the cast members singing performances only to where the Australian series aired an hour weekly mainly due to focusing on amateur kids winning talent contests in between the regular cast members songs.
  • ~World famous host/producer Michael Young hosted "The New Generation" to where the executive producer John Young hosted Australia's "Young Talent Time".
  • ~The International series "The New Generation" aired in several countries around the world including the USA but did not air in Australia.  In the USA, the show aired on "The Family Channel".
  • ~No last names were ever given or mentioned of any of the cast members on "The New Generation" International TV show, just their first names only.  The Australian series "YTT" mentioned the last names of the cast members a lot.
  • ~The International show, "The New Generation" separated the cast members into two groups.  The older teens (ages 14-17) were who the series was named for and opened the show with exciting revved up song performances such as "Danger Zone", etc.  The younger cast members (ages 10-13) were referred to as "The Young Generation" on the show and usually sang their own songs separately as a group, etc.  Then there were songs where the two groups mixed together in some performances which was always fun to see.
  • ~In the Australian version, there were no age separation in the groups.  Everyone sang together as one group despite the age differences.
  • ~On "YTT", once a member reached a certain age of maturing, they were taken out of the group to leave the show (same formula Latin boyband Menudo used as well as "Kids Incorporated", etc).  Some of the more popular members who had already left Australia's "YTT" were asked to return for the International series "TNG" which in fact helped give the show much appeal.
  • ~The International series, "The New Generation" did not take off as well as the hugely popular Australian series, "Young Talent Time" (YTT) mainly due to only 13 episodes being produced.  While "The New Generation" was still being reran Internationally, it's main source, Australia's "Young Talent Time" was shockingly canceled in January 1989 after airing for 18 years, thus forth ending both series.
  • ~In 1990, executive producer, John Young got "The Young Generation" group members back together for a specially made for video only.
  • ~"Young Talent Time" (aka "YTT") ran on Australian TV from 1971 through 1989.  Today, there is talk and plans to bring the show back in a new format featuring all new talented kids.
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  1. I was just wondering if you have full episodes of The New Generation as only bits were shown in Australia?